Kenneth Vogel/Politico smears Jerome Corsi ("Obama Nation" book)

Jerome Corsi has recently released a book highly critical of BHO called "Obama Nation". Needless to say, the usual suspects are up in arms. But, representing perhaps more the corrupt establishment in general than BHO fans in particular, Kenneth Vogel of The Politico offers the smear piece "Wild theories of 'Obama Nation' author" (politico . com/news/stories/0808/12526.html). Needless to say, many since-proved theories were derided as wild. And, some of the Corsi claims Vogel discusses aren't that wild. Investigating all the statements Vogel attributes to Corsi - some aren't so good but might be less bad in context - is left as an exercise, but here's a couple from his (per Vogel) "trail of wild theories" and "fringe theories":

[Those] include allegations that President Bush worked to eliminate the borders with Mexico and Canada

Pretty much everything Bush has done has worked towards that goal. That includes allowing 14% of Mexico's working age population to move to the U.S., pushing through Mexican trucks on U.S. roads, allowing the FDIC to give home loans to illegal aliens and collaborate with the Mexican government to do so, giving benefits to Mexican citizens, and making a pledge to the Mexican government to push to allow even more Mexicans to come to the U.S. Only hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens flooding Congress with their opposition to immigration "reform" prevented Bush from further weakening the border with Mexico. [6/23/14 UPDATE: In 2011, Wikileaks released a previously-secret cable showing that the Bush administration was in fact working on "integrating" U.S., Canada and Mexico into one community.]

The idea that there is a secretive plan for a North American Union is a favorite bogeyman for small-government conservatives but has been derided as baseless by mainstream thinkers and officials.

Many of those "mainstream thinkers and officials" are on record as supporting such a plan; see this category for some of them. For one example:

A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc.

The article ends with this:

In blasting Corsi and the theory, a columnist at the influential conservative blog Human Events wrote [humanevents . com/article.php?id=18859], "I don't think Corsi is any more worthy of being taken seriously than those who think Jews rule the world or the 'Truthers' who think President Bush is responsible for 9/11."

The "columnist" in question is actually John Hawkins, someone who's better known as a blogger ( Since its publication, Hawkins has taken a lot of heat for it from his commenters who've pointed out how he's wrong.

Do the same with Kenneth Vogel: politico . com/aboutus/feedback.html


_[Those] include allegations that President Bush worked to eliminate the borders with Mexico and Canada_ You have to be more than naive and stupid to believe that the same sort of thinking that created the EU and the euro zone (single currency) is not present in the minds of the elites in the Americas.

Listen To Jerome Corsi he has been yelling for years now and all he is telling you is the truth and the facts, If Obama become our next President it will be hell to pay, Obama will do what he can to Make us all into the enemy of the state and when he get's what he wants you can kiss your human and civil right good-bye and say hi to total third world evil.

I am eternally grateful to Jerome Corsi for his help in preventing John F'ing Kerry from becoming President.(By the way he WAS in Vietnam in case you didn't know that!) Bush ain't much better but Kerry is as bad as Obama. We can all thank Kerry for the recent law allowing Aids infected immigrants allowance into this country now. One more example of absolute proof that most pols cannot see beyond the end of their own noses. Just imagine the onslaught of those aids patients from around the world flocking to America for FREE health care ...paid for by you and me! The stupidity and utter foolishness of these Country Killers is beyond reason. I am happy to see that Corsi is revealing the truth about Obama as well ....McCain ain't great by any stretch but Obama is a walking disaster! Frankly we are screwed with either!

Corsi was educated at Harvard. His critics are like junior college students drunk on the GOP Kool-Aid. These are the same idiots who torpedoed Tancredo and Hunter. They should be tarred, feathered and run out of town.

Yes indeed, the response was quite swift. Likely both candidates are going to take gloves off after August and portends are that this would be the dirtiest campaign ever. A copy of the Obama group's response:

Obama and Corsi share the same elitist alma mater, but Corsi is more educated.

I wish Corsi would have deleted some of his less relevant material and instead covered the story of how Obama may have pressured Reverend Wright into scrapping a book tour that Wright had scheduled for October. Clearly this book tour would have been bad news for Obama. Not WRIGHT for America ( has been all over this. We'll see if it takes off...