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RealClearPolitics falls for hoax video (Trump Car Destroyed; Tim Hains; Joey Salads) - 10/19/16

On October 17, Tim Hains of RealClearPolitics posted "YouTuber Test: Car With Trump Stickers Looted, Destroyed By Black Youth" [1] featuring a video purporting to show five black youths smashing the windows of a car that had been supposedly parked in a black neighborhood. The video later turned out to be a complete hoax, featuring actors smashing the windows.

Why this is no longer a blog, Part 439923B - 06/02/09

How stupid are the blogs? This stupid. There aren't even 3500 hits for his name without quotes (and just 1600 hits for his name with quotes). In other words, he's more or less a sitting duck for anyone who wanted to send a message to those who'd be looking for, say, examples of his work.

Kenneth Vogel/Politico smears Jerome Corsi ("Obama Nation" book) - 08/13/08

Jerome Corsi has recently released a book highly critical of BHO called "Obama Nation". Needless to say, the usual suspects are up in arms. But, representing perhaps more the corrupt establishment in general than BHO fans in particular, Kenneth Vogel of The Politico offers the smear piece "Wild theories of 'Obama Nation' author" (politico .