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Researcher/Technologist, helping connect & protect systems, people, & data. #SDWAN #MDR #Infosec. he/him.
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From @abigailtracy
Diplomats are hailing Yovanovitch as a hero after today. “Her testimony illuminated how capricious the president ha…
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From @RayRedacted
@abigailtracy @RNicholasBurns When villains are everywhere, a few select heroes will arise.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
She'll be forgotten tomorrow. To 10s of millions, Trump is trying to help them put food on the table. You/Tracy/Yova only help him. MT @RayRedacted MT @abigailtracy [blogs "THIS IS THE WAY GANGSTERS OPERATE": A HERO IS BORN AS YOVANOVITCH GIVES VOICE TO WIDESPREAD RAGE AT STATE]