Bush administration promoting benefits to "Mexicans"

The USDA is promoting social welfare benefits to "Mexicans". Some of those are new U.S. citizens, some are legal immigrants from that country, and some are illegal aliens. And, the U.S. government is working with the Mexican government to get U.S. benefits to those people, thereby including Mexico's citizens who are in the U.S. illegally.

And, the Bush administration claims it's cracking down on illegal immigration. Obviously, the Bush administration is lying.

From the AP's "U.S., Mexican officials launch outreach campaigns" (identical article here):
Estimating not even 50 percent of Mexicans in the United States who are eligible for Department of Agriculture programs take advantage of them, U.S. and Mexican officials pledged Tuesday to make Hispanics more aware of programs available to them.

The purpose of their meeting, which included Mexican consuls from Salt Lake City to Orlando, was to find ways to implement recent agreements between Mexico's Foreign Ministry and USDA officials on Hispanic access to nutrition programs as well as housing and business loans...
This isn't necessarily as Orwellian as it might appear. One way to explain this shifting back and forth between "Mexican" and "Hispanic" is that this Bush administration scheme is race-based and not specifically country-based: they're focusing their efforts on "Hispanics", but since most of those are "Mexicans" that's why they're working with the Mexican consuls instead of, say, consuls from Honduras.

The article then goes in to how some of these benefits the USDA is promoting are available to illegal aliens. And:
...the best way to reach the Spanish-speaking community is through the consulates with whom they have already built a rapport, officials agreed.

...[USDA's Rural Development office in Georgia] launched a program to promote home ownership and business loans for Hispanics in rural U.S. areas. Loans require U.S. citizenship, Workman said.
So, the Bush administration is reaching out to U.S. citizens who were originally from Mexico using... Mexican consuls?

If someone is an American citizen, haven't they renounced any ties to their former country? Aren't those new citizens "ours" now? Isn't it an extremely dangerous slap to American sovereignty to give a foreign government influence over those new citizens? Aren't we basically giving a foreign government control over some of our citizens?

Isn't this an extremely dangerous slippery slope, perhaps leading to giving the Mexican government control over territory in the U.S.? The Bush administration would appear to already be living in the North American Community.

Also see: "Who is the FDIC? And, why are they working with a foreign government to subvert our laws?"


The two guys that just posted are both recomnquista guys and love mexico and its people and government and both want genocide like bush and business.

did you know that hizbullah and the government of mexico have been working inside the usa? the islamists have been and are now making deals with mexico city and the group's now in U.S. Collages who are openly calling out for the death of all non mexicans inside this non nation.
How long before the system comes down and how long before you face facts about what is happening inside your own government?..will it take camps and mass murder?..I think so, and how sad that will been, "not for you", who can't see but for your kids who will die by the millions.

Long live the USA Death to all its enemies inside and outside.

""not even 50 percent of Mexicans in the United States who are eligible for Department of Agriculture programs take advantage of them"
Are we talking about US citizens or foreign nationals? Most likely a mixture of both, but this is not clear. Most US citizens would be outraged (if they were made aware of it) of the treasonous Bush regime's deliberate blurring of citizenship/national identity. Unfortunately the propaganda stream from the pro-open borders MSM is so thick that they are prevented from learning the truth. The fact that Bush still remains popular among the GOP rank-and file proves as much.

"not even 50 percent of Mexicans in the United States who are eligible for Department of Agriculture programs take advantage of them"

By the hateful rhetoric so commonly spewed by anti-Hispanic groups, one would think that all Mexicans ever do is sit around and collecte benefits. I guess reality is a different story.