Barack Obama at National Council of La Raza convention (ICE as terrorists)

Barack Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza convention earlier today. See below for more on the NCLR. BHO's prepared remarks are here.

BHO said many of the things he's said before; apparently his scriptwriters engaged in a lot of copy-and-paste. And, of course, he said many things that once again show he's not qualified to be president:

The system isn't working when 12 million people live in hiding, and hundreds of thousands cross our borders illegally each year; when companies hire undocumented immigrants instead of legal citizens to avoid paying overtime or to avoid a union; when communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids – when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, when children come home from school to find their parents missing, when people are detained without access to legal counsel.

He's referring to lawful, necessary activities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as "terroriz[ing]"? And, he's repeating the lie he told earlier (the "babies" bit). Since much of that part was repurposed from his LULAC speech, see the last link for a discussion of the rest.

And, there's this:

By living up to the ideals that this organization has always embodied – the ideals reflected in your name – La Raza, the people. I'm told that the original phrase was "La Raza Cosmica" – the cosmic people – a term big enough to embrace the rich tapestry of cultures, colors and faiths that make up the Hispanic community. Big enough to embrace the notion that we are all part of a greater community – that we all have a stake in each other; that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper; and we rise and fall together as one people.

Whatever it's origins, "raza" means one thing nowadays, and Obama isn't "raza" (note the use of the word "we"). That's not as bad as going to a Bund meeting in the 30s and misunderstanding "das Volk" or similar, but it's close. The idea that the NCLR and the phrase "raza" is anything other than racially exclusionary is incredibly stupid, and dangerously so.

And, for yet another disqualifier, he shows he doesn't understand democracy and the concept of free speech:

The 12 million people in the shadows, the communities taking immigration enforcement into their own hands, the neighborhoods seeing rising tensions as citizens are pitted against new immigrants... they're counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves – rhetoric that poisons our political discourse, degrades our democracy, and has no place in this great nation.

BHO would try to drive speech he (and the NCLR) consider "hateful" off the airwaves; he's singled out Lou Dobbs by name in the past, and the NCLR and those linked to them have likewise targetted Dobbs, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly. If he becomes president, he'd take actions to drive them off the air.

About the NCLR: they're a far-left organization that supported giving a break to those who engage in identity theft, they gave an award to a vile racist, their leaders frequently mislead, and they have links to and fund extremists. And, Karl Rove spoke at their 2006 event. And, there's more.

UPDATE: This post was augmented from when it originally referred to the imperfect live-blog here:


In my opinion, the 2 choices we have as President is just the beginning of something that will become the norm for the forseable future if not forever. If we cant stop them from initiating their diversity upon us then we [we = US best interests]might never recover enough ground to fight back. Speeches like this are scary for anyone who loves this Country, and wants it to stay the way it was for the last 50 years. [minus the last 8]

You are so right...once they import half of Mexico you can be sure they will control the voting booths. Why else do they want to import illiterate ,impoverished non-english speaking peasants? To perpetuate their own elevation and steal from us all.Revolution in the offing to be sure.

'they're counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves - rhetoric that poisons our political discourse, degrades our democracy, and has no place in this great nation. They're counting on us to rise above the fear and demagoguery, the pettiness and partisanship, and finally enact comprehensive immigration reform.' First there was Janet Murguia who made me do a double-take. Rep. Joe Baca gave me extreme pause. But maybe they're just ignorant of the Bill of Rights and thankfully they're not running for President. BHO knows better (presumably). If you teach Constitutional Law surely you have some understanding of the First Amendment. He knows it's not within the authority of the government to control the political content of the airwaves. So what the hell is he talking about? It's especially ominous considering he has several potential Supreme Court nominations. Yet is anyone in the media asking him what exactly he means by his incredibly anti-free speech comments, what authority does he think he has, etc.? Nah. I mean, they work in the media for crying out loud. Their very existence depends on a free press. Aren't they personally offended and outraged? What would it take to get their attention--putting a copy of the Bill of Rights into a paper shredder? Maybe they think he's just pandering and isn't serious but when it comes to our most important right do you really want to take the chance?

'They're counting on us to rise above the fear and demagoguery...' Great! Why don't YOU start with this: 'nursing mothers are torn from their babies' Remember, we're counting on you, B. 'Rise above, we're gonna rise above' (is that your new theme song?) You claim to like practically every musical style and archetypal band, so why not hardcore?

Send them and THEIR BABIES back to Mexico...I paid for my own baby--they can pay for theirs!!! Pelosi already mentioned how she would like to start the fairness doctrine again...If you ask me that is censorship plain and simple....THAT will start a revolution...right now the airwaves are the only way Americans can vent their frustration at the illegal and unlawful actions of our President and Congress.....Once they take that for the sh** to hit the fan!!

so will Obama be going to a KKK COUNCIL ON RACE? and will obama help in the drug gang community with 50 0r 60 billion in cold cash? from all of us who are not of the Race? maybe Obama can become a mexican? or maybe we the people should just disappear like he really wants?. back in the 1960's a young white woman maybe 25 years old ask, Malcolm x what she could do to help black people, old Malcolm x said,"kill yourself", and after all that is what Obama is telling you people right up front but in a nice way, buy guns.

Lillipop and the rest of you are the most uneducated cocks of all time. Your a bunch of tossers and its cause of a-holes like you that we have the worst president of all time in office right now. Luckily you are in the minority and we wont have McSame in office. Barack will save America. God Bless the real USA!

Where did you go to school jaxon? ITT Tech or you have your GED? What will Barack Hussein Obama save us from anyway?

Yeah Barack will save mean like Deval Patrick saved Massachusetts??? One thing is for sure...liberals don't learn from their glaring mistakes.

Your right Mary. I mean the Republicans have done such a bang up job in the last 8 years!!! They deserve another 4 years in office!!! I mean its not like our economic recession could get any worse. LOL. BTW petty bourgeouis (that's actually how you spell it you redneck cock!) I am a white male who goes to UCLA. It's uneducated rednecks like you who have screwed this country by voting Bush. Keep up the good work and vote Mcain hey.

Hey, Barak, CONGRESS has plenary power over immigration. ICE merely enforces the laws that CONGRESS has made. Now, since you are a member of CONGRESS, if ICE is a bunch of terrorists, doesn't that make YOU Osama Bin Laden?

I am the Devil!!! Worship me!! Support Mcain for he is my SPAWN!!!

Hey Jaxon, I don't like the Republicans either...And I think Bush should be tried for treason for allowing the invasion from Mexico...But if you think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are an improvement ..(not to mention Free for All Ted Kennedy).I have some swampland in Florida for ya!! We rednecks..(from Boston no less) are anxious to get rid of it!)

I'm not a republican either jaxon, so you may want to take a logic course before you start assigning party affiliations from assumptions you pull out of your ass. Moreover, you may want to link to something which you base your alleged misspelling upon. It is, and has always been spelled "bourgeois." But the fact is your petty spelling arguments have nothing to do with the debate that you have already lost. "I am a white male who goes to UCLA." Well that explains everything, you are getting your "re-education" based upon the Sino-Viet model of a gulag system. I can't blame you, you are just a product of your absurd surroundings. However, I am not a white male strictly speaking, and I went to Cal Berkeley (Poli Sci, '03), a school you were not smart enough to get into. In fact, you are the white man who went to an inferior school, I'd venture to say you're the redneck in this instance. Touche, and Go Bears!

jaxon is probably majoring in one of those pseudo-science majors, like sociology or ethnic studies, which explains why he uses ad hominem instead of rational logic. See where your tax dollars go comrades? Students just wind up parroting whatever their old establishment hippie professors tell them.

So says the guy who mindlessly parrots whatever Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage tell him. Or are they too tame for you, petty bourgeois?

I don't listen to any of those guys, so if you can come up with a direct quote where I parrot them, I'd love to see it. I think for myself, but thanks for the false guilt-by-association.

And please don't tarnish the name of my school when you spout your nonsensical drivel. It has a bad enough reputation of its own without some troll reinforcing its marxian stereotype.

Well apparently itÂ’s clear. If youÂ’re a terrorist, ObamaÂ’s your man. HeÂ’ll soon be giving Iraq to you. If youÂ’re in the US illegally, ObamaÂ’s your man, heÂ’ll soon be giving America to you. If youÂ’re an American, Obama has something for you too. A hefty tax increase and four years of venomous race relations debate. So much to look forward to. He also has something else for you. A kick in the butt to learn a new language, so you can communicate with the 12 million Illegal Aliens heÂ’ll be providing blanket amnesty for. Yeah, thatÂ’s CHANGE alright. At least America is getting a glimpse of the wild eyed liberal he really is, instead of the phony centrist persona his campaign has been painting him to be. Danny Vice