Janet Murguia/NCLR misleads to support illegal immigration (Kansas City, Minuteman issue)

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is an extremist-funding group that in turn is funded by large corporations [1] that profit from illegal activity. Senator Chris Dodd even wants to give them millions of dollars.

They recently pulled their 2009 convention out of Kansas City, MO because a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was appointed to that city's Parks Board. Local Hispanic leaders even went as far as trying to deliver a letter to that board member's house in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate her.

Now, their president, Janet Murguia, offers "La Raza left because it objects to extremism". She objects to the "extremism" of the MCDC and pretends it isn't about policy. Since her group continually supports illegal immigration, and the MCDC opposes it, that's highly questionable.

Here's the only thing she has to say about everything that's been involved in this issue, including the letter:

While I can't address every issue raised since the controversy erupted, the views and passion expressed - on both sides of the issue - deserve a response.

Obviously, someone else would address a possible act of intimidation, but I guess that's more than we should expect from her.

Then, she brings up a quote from MCDC leader Chris Simcox; I don't know the context, but it appears to have been originally reported by Gustavo Arellano, someone who has a clear agenda and, even if he got the quote accurate, doesn't provide any context [2].

Then, she discusses an original member of the Minuteman Project who was sending messages to a Nazi group... "privately". It should be obvious to anyone that none of the Minutemen groups want such connections, and I'm not going to even bother to verify that after her extra-curricular activities were discovered she was tossed from the group.

Then, she delves into the ADL's "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream." The problems with part of that report are discussed at the link, and she helps point out yet another problem:

The founder of the Dustin Inman Society, D.A. King, said in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Bolding added. And, in fact, that's similar to what's in the ADL's report [3]:

Speaking at a Newton County (Georgia) Republican Party meeting in April 2007, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, King reportedly told attendees that undocumented immigrants are "not here to mow your lawn – they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

Now, here's the kicker (which everyone knew was coming). The Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Bill Nigut, says [4]:

In a speech to a handful of Georgia Republicans in Covington earlier this year, King cleverly intertwined our legitimate fears of the threat from Islamic terrorists with a rant against undocumented Mexicans. At one point, according to a report in the Rockdale Citizen newspaper, he displayed a mock-up of a Mexican photo ID card, filled in with the name supplied by King: "Al Qaida Gonzalez." ...When he told the gathering that "They're not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you and me," King says he was speaking of the Islamic threat. But since Muslim yard services tend to be few and far between, his intentional mixing of images seems clear: He is out to create fear about all illegal immigrants, be they Islamic terrorists or Mexican gardeners.

So, now we see that King wasn't refering to "immigrants" (Murguia's word) or "undocumented immigrants" (the ADL's report's words), but to Islamist infiltrators. In other words, Murguia and the ADL report are highly misleading, and that was obviously intentional. (Further, the only "reporting" from the AJC that I could find is in a blog post, but I didn't check their archives.) At the last link, King says he was refering to this government report (PDF). (The Rockdale Citizen doesn't appear to have online archives: rockdalecitizen.com)

Obviously, both Janet Murguia and the ADL aren't just sloppy, what they say can't be trusted.

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That woman is a general in the enemys camp in the war against this country! La Raza is more racist than any of the organizations she goes after yet she gets a free pass. She used to show up on Lou Dobbs occasionally to debate . Haven't seen her there for awhile ...probably because LOU knocks her on her Keister with logic-- which is a foreign language to her!

Google "la Raza Christopher Dodd" only 75,700 responses He's on the Senate Finance Committee too, they regulate lenders (or profiteers) I believe his fingers will get stuck in the sub-prime cookie jar while grabbing cash. Currently he's engaged in trying to cover up the sub-prime mess until after the next election then he'll propose a multi hundreds billions dollar bailout of sub-prime lenders and GSEs like FNM & FRE. I strongly advise anybody holding FNM & FRE to dump and dump any companies holding their soon to be devalued debt, most big pension funds will be holding their debt-including public employee pension funds.

It's not a "subprime mess" no matter how bad the media mind controllers want you to think that. It's a credit bubble bursting, ie. Great Depression 2.0. They are certainly trying hard to keep the lid on. But their immigration "compromise" getting thwarted has turned up the heat. I'm pretty sure they weren't ready for that. I don't think they can hold it together until the election. Even goy outside the inner circle (like me) have figured out what's coming. Forget gold and silver. Buy lead.

Tanstaafl--I think China has cornered the market on lead...Start scraping your childrens toys and save it!!

http://www.thedustininmansociety.com/blog/?p=1121 My KC Star reply to Janet Raza My letter to the editor below concerning Janet Marguria of La Raza ran in the Kansas City Star today. HERE. I have added several links to educate the reader. Illegal immigration One of the last things La Raza’s Janet Murguia (11/4, Opinion, “La Raza left because it objects to extremism”) wants Americans to remember regarding our porous borders is the war on terror. I am sure she also hopes that the House Committee on Homeland Security report titled “A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border” stays buried by the media. The 2006 report reveals that “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations have revealed that aliens were smuggled from the Middle East to staging areas in Central and South America, before being smuggled illegally into the United States.” And that “members of Hezbollah have already entered the United States across the Southwest border.” In her fanaticism to promote “The Race” and a repeat of the failed amnesty of 1986, Murguia has joined the national campaign to smear anyone who speaks out in favor of secure borders and an equal application of American laws — if it includes the illegal aliens who are her Golden Goose. Murguia also hopes that we will forget that real immigrants join the American family lawfully and do not require amnesty — and that putting them in the same category as illegal aliens is the ultimate immigrant bashing. Who is the “extremist”? D.A. King President, Dustin Inman Society Marietta, Ga. Editor’s note: Murguia referred to King and his Georgia-based organization, which opposes illegal immigration, in her Sunday column.

http://www.thedustininmansociety.com/blog/?p=1110 My Marietta Daily Journal reply to ADL and Bill Nigut.. ADL’s definition of ‘bigotry’ proving elastic: My Marietta Daily Journal column today in response to the Atlanta head of the Anti Defamation League, Bill Nigut Posted by D.A. King at 8:07 am [Email the author] [Print This Article] [Email This Article] Edit this article Below is my MDJ column today in response to the Atlanta ADL head Bill Nigut’s MDJ attack titled “Bludgeons of Bigotry“. Link to MDJ here. I have added links to the original column to educate the reader. I have challenged Bill Nigut to debate me in public - any effort to encourge Nigut to find the courage to do so is appreciated. Usually these mudslinging far left bombthrowers lack that courage. Marietta Daily Journal ADL’s definition of ‘bigotry’ proving elastic D.A. King Columnist Published: 11/02/2007 Wanna see the white wine set bellow? Stand up in a room - and write a newspaper column - to remind people that both illegal immigration and illegal employment are crimes. Remind America that we are in a war on terror and that by leaving American borders porous, anyone, from anywhere in the world can - and does - walk into our nation…illegally. Everyday. The goal for far too many with a vested financial interest in this criminal enterprise is to keep the borders open with the pretext of an ongoing “debate” on the “thorny problem” of illegal immigration and to keep the focus on what we are told are “undocumented workers.” What this crowd of professional hustlers will never tolerate is the American people’s access to facts that the “mainstream” regards as too much information. Think: “The facts are not important” - “nothing happening here folks, go about your business”. Fact: Most illegal aliens are not “undocumented”. (What should we call un-employed “undocumented workers”?) In this space - and in the official language of the federal government - any foreign national in this nation illegally is an “illegal alien”. Whether by stealing the identity of Americans or merely “looking for a better life” by creating fraudulent ID, very few illegals lack some form of documentation. Fact: Illegal aliens come to the U.S. mainly from Latin America - most of them from Mexico. Most are drawn here by the same employers who contribute to the elected officials who allow the crime to continue. And to the well-funded parasitic groups who feed on them. Legal residents have real, verifiable, valid ID. Mexico, along with a growing number of other nations, provides photo ID to its citizens who are already here illegally. It is called a matricula consular. Fact: In 2003, the FBI Office of Intelligence testified to Congress that because of its ease of fraud and forgery, the matricula consular represents a “criminal threat” and a “potential terror threat” to this country. This American has three Mexican matriculas, on one I used the name “Al”. Al Qaida