House trying to pass amnesty "lite"? (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Baca, Zoe Lofgren)

From a FAIR bulletin (link):
Capitol Hill news sources have been buzzing for the past 48 hours about backroom negotiations in the House of Representatives that may bring comprehensive immigration reform "lite" to the floor.

Congressional Quarterly reports that Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA), Chairman of the Hispanic Caucus, is leading the fight for legislation that would provide a five-year amnesty visa to illegal aliens currently in the U.S. Baca said the five-year amnesty visas would be available to illegal aliens who can "prove they have a job, pay taxes and pass a criminal background check." (Congressional Quarterly Today, February 13, 2008)

The negotiations for the five-year amnesty visas are already taking place at the highest levels of House leadership. They include Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Immigration Subcommittee Chairwoman ZoAT Lofgren (D-CA) and are reportedly bipartisan in nature. Speaker Pelosi, however, denies there has been any firm decision to move forward. (Id.)
You might want to call your representatives just to remind them of where you stand.

UPDATE: There are more details on the plan here. I wouldn't get too excited until something actually happens. Then we'll get excited.


Lonewacko, If this is true, it stinks of desparation and flop sweat. Pelosi dam well knows she does not have the votes in the House, not to mention the Senate. Every month more congressional members sign on to the Save act. Poor little Lindsay Graham is praying this amnesty stuff could wait until after his May primary. It would appear that the Hispanic Caucus whose members would all be superdelagates are attempting to flex their muscles while they still can. Everyday the restrictionist movement grains strength. Now Indiana will most likely join other states requiring business to use E-Verify to confirm legal residency and citizenship status. More states are cracking down on the issuing of driving licenses. This could mean tens of thousands illegal aliens leaving other state and heading back to California. It is now increasingly likely that the SCOTUS will be forced to revisit landmark Open Borders enabling decisions like Pyler Vs Doe. The truth is Open Borders/Amnesty movement is rapidly losing support among working and middle class white and black Democrats. Only the upper class "Latte Liberals" and what remains of the old Rainbow Coalition mind set still support the Open Borders agenda. The left wing Open Borders lobby has a critical decision to make. Do they stick with the Clintonistas who have quietly chanpioned their cause for nearly two decades as a party of their long term "Emerging Majority" strategy as defined by the likes of Ruy Teixeira. Or do they side with the increasing impatient and radicalized younger latinos who prefer Obama. It appears the major Latino Ethnocentric activist groups funded by major corporations and foundations like La Raza, LULAC and MALDEF are losing out to the MEChA and ANSWER affliated loons. Latinos under 35 clearly are backing Obama. If the radicals stage mass protests at the Denver Democratic convention and things get ugly it endangers that nice fat gravy train of cash to pays for the lifestyles of all those professional hispanic activists. Not to mention it will mostly hand the general election to the Republicans. Nothing like turning what looked like a probable victory into a repeat of a Dukakis level trainwreck.

Talk about the shortest lived Congressional majority ever. Go ahead Nancy, legalize a new underclass for the dwindling middle-class to support, and see how well that plays in the rest of this recession-ridden country in November.

JinLA can we say civil/race war for real? Buy Guns.