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LLV has been set up to offer Socialist Labour Members & Supporters a voice and practical advice in the fight back. #BDS
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Oh its 12.2k again.. what rubbish @TwitterSupport can you stop it please.. Celebrity blue tick ppl swear properly a…
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From @Ange_Sandgrown
@LabLeftVoice @TwitterSupport @delbius Not sure I understand what's happened here ... Have your followers dropped?
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From @LabLeftVoice
@Ange_Sandgrown @TwitterSupport @delbius Like a yoyo up down up down.. and replies being deboosted.. so that leaves…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#MAGA complains about the same thing. No doubt Chinese dissidents Twitter censors say it too. If you opposed censorship *across the board*, things'd be better for you & everyone else. MT @LabLeftVoice @Ange_Sandgrown [someone's] replies being deboosted