Immigration "parliament" held in Mexico, with Americans; may lobby in Washington DC

On November 16 and 17 a group of activists from Mexico and the U.S. met in Mexico City for the "First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living In The U.S.A.". This doesn't appear to have been an official Mexican government event, but many of those attending were apparently Mexican political leaders, and some of the Americans attending serve on the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME,, an advisory council to Mexico's president.

A roundup with links to Spanish-language sources is here. The event was organized by MX congressman Jose Jacques, who earlier this year met with Congressional Democrats to jointly support "comprehensive immigration reform" (Nancy Pelosi was scheduled but had "scheduling difficulties"). Elvira Arellano spoke and appeared to - surprise - cheat. In this case it was on her hunger strike. While they made a lot of proposals, according to that the one most likely to stick is a "Permanent Parliament" which might meet next year in Washington DC.

And, from this we learn that two attendees were "Rosa Marta Zarate, program coordinator for the San Bernardino nonprofit Librería del Pueblo, and Daniel Morales, of the Riverside-based National Alliance for Human Rights". The latter group is run by Armando Navarro.

According to this, Emma Lozano was also there.


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