Media alert: Elvira Arellano has left the sanctuary (L.A., DC on tour)

Elvira Arellano - the illegal alien who was ordered to be deported after being convicted of using a false Social Security number and who's been holed up in a Chicago church for a year and who's only a sympathetic figure to those on the far-left - has left her "sanctuary" and is currently on a road trip.

The first stop: Los Angeles' La Placita Catholic Church, aka Our Lady Queen of Angels. They're already participating in the "new sanctuary movement", so perhaps they'll take her in. Apparently there will be a march tomorrow organized by the March 25 Coalition.

Along for the ride: the Rev. Walter "Slim" Coleman, husband of what could charitably be called Arellano's "agent", Emma Lozano of Centro Sin Fronteras. They refused to tell the AP whether "Citizen" Saul Arellano is with her; the Chicago Tribune says he flew ahead.

Next stop: Washington DC for a September 12 prayer meeting and lobbying effort.

In a normal world, the DHS would ignore her and perhaps try to undercut her case by, say, publicizing her court documents or discussing the various links of her associates. However, with corrupt officials like Michael Chertoff around, one cute trick they might play would be to arrest her in as public a fashion as possible in order to enrage the left.

If we were lucky, we could get Democratic leaders to back her efforts. However, with even the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times opposed to her efforts that might be a bit difficult.

While Mayor Richard Daley, Governor Rod Blagojevich, and U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez are backers, Barack Obama and Dick Durbin unfortunately realize how much of a liability supporting her would be. But, perhaps if we worked at it they could be brought around to support "immigrants rights".


Since they can't seem to catch bin Laden, maybe they'll nab Elvira. Could be a morale booster.

If she were to go underground, DHS would have egg on their face by allowing a convicted felon to disappear into the Los Angeles ghetto.

This is where years of shameless pandering is going to blow up in the Democrat's face. I use to live in Uptown/Ravenswood sections of Chicago along Lawrence Ave. Slim Coleman is a notorious ultra-lefty gadfly. Personally until last year I thought he was dead or something. Like the Tribune Article said the legendary Mike Royko use to expose Coleman all the time as a total fraud and con man. Coleman had pretty much ran out his welcome in his old neighborhood and move on to the heavily Hispanic neighborhoods years ago when his old haunts began becoming more middle class, gentrified and politically mainstream. Trust me Lonewacko, if you are not familiar with Coleman he is everything a Conservative Republican political operative could ask for in an opponent. Not only is Coleman now a opportunistic phony preacher, he is the kind of rich kid turned SDS 60's radical throwback with life long connections with worst kind charactature of irresponsible mindless lefties. Royko put his grandkids through college writing about Coleman, his alderman ally Hellen Schiller and their contributions to the 1980's famous "Council Wars". Blagojevich already has a tough reelection fight on his hands over his driver's licenses for Illegals stands. Arellano is hardly a sympathetic figure. Her and Saul becoming a national figures like Elian Gonzales will kill him downstate and among working class non-Hispanic Democrats. I am sure lots of folks, especially African-Americans, are going to ask how Arellano got a living wage job at O'Hare with a phony social security card. Dailey will have some explaining to due to shore up Black voters. Gutierrez however, is going to milk this issue for all he can because he envisions himself becoming Daily's successor on the backs on Latino vote alone. Which spells big time problems for Obama because Gutierrez is at least nominally backing him by serving as his liaison to the Latino vote. As far as Obama is concerned Arellano represents a huge problem for his campaign. Obama simply can not compete against Hillary in the pandering to Hispanic department and expect to motivate African-Americans to due the critical GOTV work he is counting on in the primaries. Hillary on the other hand is so fixated on winning the heavily slanted towards the Latino vote Super Tuesday primaries that she will go all in the pander department. I keep warning my fellow Democrats that Hillary may win the nomination yet prove unelectable over her support for Open Borders. As far as Edwards is concerned. It is due or die time. He either clearly breaks with the pack over Open Borders and stands up for American Workers or the folks he is counting on to do the GOTV in Iowa and New Hampshire are going to lose heart. Edwards is already abandoning Nevada to Hillary because he can not compete her money their from Cheap Labor interests.

Edwards had a chance to differentiate himself on immigration but chickened out. If he had, his populist rhetoric might have taken hold. Instead, the contradictory 'pro-worker, pro-open borders' positions have to be confusing people. In a way, I am glad he's flopping with it so the message is sent that you can't have it both ways. Since all the Dem. candidates are so open borders, I guess it's thought that nothing else will play in the primaries. But why won't one of the going nowhere campaigns take a chance? Edwards is the one who would seem to have the most to gain but is completely blowing it.