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Sydnee Caldwell
Cambridge, MA
Labor & personnel economist. @MITEcon PhD. Post-doc @MSFTResearch 2019-20. AP @BerkeleyHaas (EAP) & @BerkeleyEcon starting July 2020.
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From @ProfNoto
I've wondered what % of Econs are children of academics and how this has changed over time; any data sources for th…
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From @SydneeCaldwell
@ProfNoto There were some interesting stats in the grad student mental paper by @vbolotnyy et al. (see photos). Not…
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.@SydneeCaldwell: 2 years ago, @vbolotnyy & others pushed a sociopathic effort to deprive incredibly poor & struggling countries like Yemen of the doctors they desperately need. If you have any sense of morality you'll oppose them.