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#TCOT #Grateful FB: D'Souza x2, DLimbaugh, Malkin, Feisty, JJohnson, Woods, SHofmeyr, Rosen, Paronto, Borelli x2, Wollery, Shaffer, ATas #Nam @CVZ #Parler
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Sugar... you are bout thumbtack smart... please just stop...
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From @shield142
@coratagge @PattyParsonsPat @AnnCoulter she perpetuates the stereotype of the WV redneck everytime she tweets so block her
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From @PattyParsonsPat
@shield142 @coratagge @AnnCoulter but we love trump here BECAUSE COAL
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PattyParsonsPat: to undercut Trump & Coulter for real, just point out how fake they are. 95% of Trump's insiders are pro-amnesty.