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Philadelphia via NY
I live in a nation populated with idiots. Proud parent of a son with autism. Blocked by @realdonaldtrump since 2016. On Twitter, I sound angrier than I am.
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From @jonathanvswan
We obtained the internal political vetting forms that Donald Trump was given for Ben Carson, Dan Coats, Betsy DeVos…
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From @LiberalPaul
@jonathanvswan @CillizzaCNN There was vetting?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
It would've been smart of Swan and people like you to point out *to MAGA* how pro-amnesty Mulvaney etc are. Did you do the smart thing or something else? RT @LiberalPaul There was vetting? MT @jonathanvswan We obtained the internal political vetting forms [for Trump officials]