Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times oppose Elvira Arellano; Slim Coleman mentioned

Both the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times are leading the charge against Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien who's thumbing her nose at our legal system from inside a storefront church in western Chicago. Previously the CT offered the editorial "Elvira Arellano and the law". Now they offer "Immigration issue indeed one of morality" from a local writer of some kind, Dennis Byrne.

That article offers a backgrounder on the pastor of the church, infamous local activist Walter "Slim" Coleman which, as NewsBusters pointed out, was absent from their earlier coverage. No more, as Byrne rips into him with glee.

Meanwhile, the Sun-Times' Mary Mitchell offers "Immigrant activist holed up in church is no Rosa Parks":

As they say in the streets, Arellano is pimping the system. She is using Rosa Parks' name to buy herself more time, and that disgusts me.

Why have two papers that in the past have fully supported illegal immigration seemingly turned on a poor, oppressed illegal alien? The answer appears to be offered by Byrne:

Slim continues in the same vein with the Arellano stunt, with the same results: a PR disaster. Yes, conventional wisdom says that claiming church sanctuary is masterful PR, putting immigration officials in the Hobson's choice of dragging a woman and her young son out of a church, or letting her flout the law. But already it has hardened feelings against illegal immigrants and created some doubts among their supporters. Clearly, it didn't prove the need for "legalization" of illegal immigrants, as provided in a Senate-passed bill.

While they seem slightly shocked by her brazen disregard for our laws, and while Mitchell opposes her using Parks' name, one of the major subtexts is that Arellano is making illegal immigration supporters like the Tribune and the Sun-Times look bad.


why critize this woman? all she wanted was a better life, everyone does. Insults are not neccessary. Sure, she isn't Rosa Parks but just like her she is a human being above all. You can't judge her and say that she planned to give birth to her child here, for all we know she couldn't have planned it. Her child was born here and no one has the right to point fingers at nobody because nobody is perfect. The U.S has has done bad things in the past such as slavery and segregation. It seemed to overcome that, why can't the U.S overcome this? Because if it deported every single immigrant America would not be what it is today. All these cultures would be lost. Put yourselves in her shoes or in any immigrants's shoes. Think about it and don't judge others because neither you or me are perfect.

George man you guys make me mad. Don

Yes, we should not grant citizenship to every child born here, especially when it's being abused like this: birth tourism

Well, the idiots at ICE have done it again, allowed a simple deportation to fester into a public crusade for the illegal immigration advocacy groups. Apparently they are unable to recognize those situations that won't be exploited in the press from those that could forseeably turn into public fiascos. A quick deportation would have been far less painful than the drawn out passion play now underway.

Don't give Mary Mitchell so much credit. She gives me the impression that she is a supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Her beef is only with the exploitation of Rosa Parks.

There she sits....Elvira Arellano using the church as a sactuary to thwart the law. What a shame. But if you think the law is going to do anything about it, you're wrong. The law has allowed mega millions of illegal aliens to use the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY as a sanctuary!! The law has not done anything about that, have they? If we are so upset about this woman's tactics, then why don't we all meet in front of the church tomorrow at noon, drag her out to the sidewalk, and turn her over to the law? Hell, hasn't anybody ever heard of a Citizen's Arrest? It's done all the time.

Why have two papers that in the past have fully supported illegal immigration...

Absolutely; bizarre, isn't it?

...and that disgusts me.

Yes, I know the feeling.

This is a sad case, no matter what side you come down on. Because clearly if we had just a small problem with a few illegals...well, then I would say this woman ought to be allowed to stay (disregarding her absurd theatrics and rhetoric). But we don't; instead we have a HUGE problem of millions of illegals, with more arriving all the time. And if you let this woman stay, then you'd pretty much have to let most of the rest stay too. Which cannot happen.

One thing this very public episode ought to do, but probably won't, is prompt a serious public discussion of how foolish it is to grant citizenship, regardless of the circumstances, to every kid born here.