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Imagine if you couldn’t watch the videos you love. We support copyright reform with an Article 13 that works for everyone. #SaveYourInternet
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Jessica Ballinger // 3 Days till Playlist 🌐 ☀️🐊's avatar
From @BallingerMom
MY 5 YEAR OLD SON: does gymnastics and is a happy, sweet, confident boy. youtube: NOT ADVERTISER FRIENDLY (This…
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From @TeamYouTube
@BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators (1/2) Hi there--for reference, over the past few days, we’ve taken a number of a…
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From @TeamYouTube
@BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD (2/2) With regard to the actions that we've taken, even if your video i…
Jessica Ballinger // 3 Days till Playlist 🌐 ☀️🐊's avatar
From @BallingerMom
@TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD I have a HIGHLY monitored comments section and many say it is the kindes…
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From @TeamYouTube
@BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Just to be super clear, we're not saying anything is wrong with the act…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
As centuries of real data shows, silencing people doesn't work (even if you have the ability to put people on trains). MT @TeamYouTube [to pro-censorship @BallingerMom] thank you for doing a great job moderating the comments section