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🐘Natalie Cook🐘🕊
GeeksResist HQ
#Ω #GeeksResist #FlipItBlue #StayWoke #RebelScum #JediFam #ReclaimingMyTime #DieMadAboutIt #Latina #WOC #DougJonesForSenate (Fan Acct)
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From @AlexMunday_2017
RT @NatCookResists: Doug Jones is the right choice for Alabama. @GDouglasJones — ⭐️cares about #KitchenTableIssues ⭐️is on the #RightSid…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Oh, chin, interest no! @AlexMunday_2017 & @NatCookResists are two accounts named after (I assume) Charlie's Angels movie characters & labeled as "fan accts". Both flack for @GDouglasJones. Something he's paying for, or the Russkis? #Alabama #MAGA #resist