Ezra Klein, useful idiot

ezra kleinPictured right is a blogad currently running on the site (ezraklein.typepad.com) of Ezra Klein of TAPPED (The American Prospect). The ad is for cirnow.org, the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

I'm not going to hold someone responsible for the ads on their site... except blogads have to be approved by the blog owner and, more importantly, the ad includes a quote from Klein himself, which links to a piece he wrote at TAPPED. So, one might assume that he doesn't have any problems with the ad's extremely over-the-top emotionalistic support for illegal immigration.

And, one can assume that he doesn't have a problem with CCIR, which, as detailed at the link consists of various far-left groups including:

* One member that has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government (CHIRLA)
* Another that's headed by someone who serves on a Mexican government advisory council (Juan Salgado of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights; see the letter he wrote to Vicente Fox)
* Another that funds extremists (National Council of La Raza)
* Another that's partly funded by the Irish government (Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform)

From that I assume that Klein either supports those groups and their goals, or he's just a useful idiot who isn't capable of doing research.

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