Young Pioneers of the Global Climate Change and Environmental Justice Movement (comrade)

As others have no doubt noted, the general global warming movement seems to have some curious aspects. For instance, here's Frank Gaffney, Jr. in "Assault of the 'Transies'" saying (libertypost . org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=182482):

Al Gore's hobby horse is also breathing new life into the ultimate Transie project: the imposition of international taxation ("globotaxes") to finance the various causes and institutions favored by transnational progressives.

And, the U.N.'s International Panel on Climate Control called (americanthinker . com/2007/02/gobal_warmings_globalist_backe.html) for an "international authority" to enforce climate regulations.

And, the "movement" also has its Stalinistic/Lysenkoistic side, attempting to discredit or otherwise send to Siberia those who dare to raise questions about the scientific evidence relating to the issue.

And, they've got their own youth league too. The site "It's Getting Hot In Here" (itsgettinghotinhere . org):

is a community media project created and sustained by leaders of the youth climate movement as a place to speak out about an issue that threatens our livelihoods and future generations and the actions that we are taking to create a more just and sustainable future... ...Originally created by Energy Action [energyaction . net] for youth to report from the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal, Its Gettting Hot In Here has since grown into something more, a strong voice from a growing movement...

The latter held "A week of action" from January 29 to February 2:

America and Canada's youth are calling for five days of demonstrations to jumpstart the second semester of the Campus Climate Challenge and put the heat on a new U.S. Congress and a returning Canadian Parliament to begin aggressive national power shifts on global warming.

If you'd registered by January 10th you would have received a "free DVD and screening rights for 'An Inconvenient Truth'".

(Confused by all these groups yet? There's one more.) One of their members is the "Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative" ( which combines race-baiting with guilt:

Global warming, or climate change, is fundamentally an issue of human rights and environmental justice that connects the local to the global. With rising temperatures, human lives—particularly in people of color, low-income, and Indigenous communities—are affected by compromised health, financial burdens, and social and cultural disruptions. Moreover, those who are most affected are least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions that cause the problem—both globally and within the United States.

You might be thinking, "how long until A.N.S.W.E.R. gets involved?" But, of course, they've been at the very vanguard. Their September 7, 2005 protest ( included this:

Global warming is a major factor in the big increase in tropical storms, particularly Hurricane Katrina, which developed from a minimal hurricane to one of the largest and most powerful ever recorded because of the extremely high water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico. Still, the Bush Administration continues to contemptuously turn its back on evidence of climate change and stands by its position to cancel the Kyoto Accord.

And, even earlier (October 17, 2004), their Million Worker March ( said this:

An end to the poisoning of the atmosphere, soil, water and food supply with a national emergency program to restore the environment, end global warming and preserve our endangered eco-system.

All of this played a part in the (generally failed) satirical petition (petitiononline . com/gorefilm) I created, but I feel the need to take it to the next level. I feel the need for t-shirts, banners, and chants designed to reveal the religious/far-left nature of the "movement". Stay tuned.


All of this bull is about the control of your money/life/death and the full control of you and your family. its not about the love of a world or the love of things of a nation but the control by a hand full of people who hate you and your life AND FREEDOMS. See it for what it is, control.

Would-be environmentalists with a 'progressive' bent seem to push easy, marginal stuff like: 1. Enabling energy saving settings in campus computer labs but ask them about adding another 100 mil (primarily from immigration) in just 30 years or so to the Bigfoot country of ecological problem! CIR/amnesty would, of course, speed the race to 1/2 bil that much more due to chain migration. In light of articles like this (which presumably they believe):,0,122112.story Permanent drought predicted for Southwest Study says global warming threatens to create a Dust Bowl-like period. Water politics could also get heated. do self-described environmentalists not look a little silly if amidst their econagging they exhibit population amnesia? Logic would suggest the more you're concerned with ecology, the more you'd be concerned with immigration/population. That's the way it was in the early ecology movement--population was THE issue--but I read a chart at CIS or someplace which showed that currently the official positions of most of the environmental groups don't address immigration and/or population and when they do, not strongly.