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Marco (vicious, horrible person)
Milpitas, CA
WARNING: I hurt MAGAts' feelings. Design leader stuck in Silicon Valley. He/him. Married. Dad of 3. Feminist,LGBTQ ally,Loud,prolific, profane,unapologetic.
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From @sianoresist
I worked as an aide to develop-mentally disabled kids for 3 years. I say this with unequivocal certainty - EVERY k…
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From @TheMarco
@sianoresist @AnnCoulter Careful I got kicked off Twitter for a few days for insulting her. @twitter loves their white supremacists.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Coulter is so vulnerable on so many things, only lack of emotional control and similar would cause you to insult her rather than doing things that would actually work. MT @TheMarco @sianoresist Careful I got kicked off Twitter for a few days for insulting [Coulter]