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Example of tea party being useful idiots (global warming edition) - 04/07/10

Not that you needed it, but the video at provides yet another in the long line of examples of the tea parties being useful idiots, in this case about global warming. It consists of a series of interviews conducted by Bob McCarty at a tea party protest in December.

Wikipedia used to spread AGW propaganda? (global warming) - 12/19/09

Wikipedia is little more than a propaganda source that allows interested, mostly left-leaning but certainly establishment-supporting parties to spread disinformation. And, it seems like one of those involved in Climategate may have been using Wikipedia to present biased coverage of global warming.

CNN, Google global warming propaganda show how untrustworthy they are (COP15 video contest) - 12/14/09

Google is going all out to present a one-sided view of global warming, not even acknowledging that some might disagree. On at post time there's a prominent link called "Explore impact of climate change on Google Earth"; clicking the link brings you to Explore the potential impacts of climate change on our planet Earth and learn about solutions for adaptation and mitigation, in the context of the United Nation's Climate Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. With Google Earth you can view climate change scenarios, interact with narrated tours, investigate...

Solving the Troy Michigan solar house problem: the shill way, the Al Gore way, the effective American way - 05/15/09

Drudge is currently linking to "Troy's celebrated solar house left in dark/Facility touted as next big thing still shut" (link) about a $900,000 (and over $1000/per square foot) green energy showcase in Troy Michigan that was built by students from Lawrence Technological University.

For Earth Hour, I'm going to light some toxic waste using old tires and a flaming squirrel - 03/28/09

Some group of leftwing environmentalists are going to protest global warming and the like by dimming their lights for "Earth Hour" between 8:30pm and 9:30pm tonight. For every action there's a reaction, and in this case the reaction is as dumb as we've come to expect, with some people encouraging others to light Christmas lights or the like in response. Moving just a little to the right on the bell curve, the Competitive Enterprise Institute is promoting instead celebrating "Human Achievement Hour" ( The Competitive Enterprise Institute plans to recognize “...

Al Gore promotes dangerous, mercury-filled CFL light bulbs (disposal hazard) - 01/09/09

The official website for Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth movie promotes CFL light bulbs, all types of which contain small amounts of mercury. When a bulb breaks it can release that dangerous element into the home and perhaps even lead to soil or water pollution. From

Lubchenco, Lysenko: Hope Yen/AP on Obama's science picks and politicization - 12/20/08

The aptly-named Hope Yen of the Associated Press offers an article about recent science-related Barack Obama appointments. She shows us what she at least really thinks about the politicization of science: she supports it, just as long as the politics are the right kind. In fact, either she or an AP editor re-wrote a later version of the article to delete a questionable phrase; see the two editions compared side-by-side in the extended entry. The first version, from today at around 8AM, says this: President-elect Barack Obama on Saturday named Harvard physicist John Holdren and marine...

Young Pioneers of the Global Climate Change and Environmental Justice Movement (comrade) - 04/05/07

As others have no doubt noted, the general global warming movement seems to have some curious aspects. For instance, here's Frank Gaffney, Jr. in "Assault of the 'Transies'" saying (libertypost . org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=182482):