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John Wagner
Washington, DC
Washington Post national political breaking news reporter. Previously White House; 2016 campaigns of Sanders, Clinton; Md statehouse. Stanford grad. STL native.
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From @DavidVanceDC
When neither El Paso nor Dayton, nor their mayors, wants any part of a @realDonaldTrump visit, it seems a bit misle…
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From @JimDollar
@DavidVanceDC @realDonaldTrump @WPJohnWagner @washingtonpost Why hold anything back? Why not come out with it? That…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JimDollar: hey Jim, @DavidVanceDC 's group wants a state agency to discriminate against one race & gender. See "California stretches applicant deadline to draw political districts - pool’s too white, too male". Like David, do you support racial discrimination?
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From @WPJohnWagner
‘I’d smack him in the mouth’: Biden seeks to dispel concerns about his ability to take on Trump after shaky debate…
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From @DougEmhoffStan
@WPJohnWagner yikes! violent!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump said something similar in 2016, did Wagner point that out? MT @DougEmhoffStan MT @WPJohnWagner 'I’d smack him in the mouth': Biden seeks to dispel concerns about his ability to take on Trump after shaky debate performance