White House TWP illegal alien amnesty PowerPoint presentation

U.S. News has uploaded a PowerPoint presentation the White House has regarding their new illegal alien amnesty scheme in this PDF file. Even by the abysmally low standard of other Bush administration plans, this is idiotic. Most of the provisions in there would not appeal to even the most cravenly corrupt Democrat, so this isn't a good bargaining ploy. And, it allows the far-left illegal immigration supporters (see the Kevin Appleby quote below) and racial power groups to portray the Bush administration as a bunch of meanies, which doesn't seem to square with their supposed play for the "Hispanic vote". The only ones who would support this plan would be corrupt growers and food processors and a fairly small number of completely corrupt GOP Senators.

Not only does it make no sense, it's dangerous. One of the provisions involves a national ID card for we citizens:
Initial implementation of secure identification tools for all Americans and aliens seeking employment... Legal U.S. residents seeking work will use a high-security proof of identity and citizenship... To avoid fraud, racial profiling, and failure of EEVS system, it will also be necessary for Americans seeking work in the future to use secure IDs
It also has a vague indentured servitude flavor to it:
Seasonal workers would contract with their employers, guaranteeing that the laborer will be available for the duration of the season

- A seasonal worker may leave a contracted job, but if so he will have to leave the country and go through a one-year cooling off period out of the U.S.
And, it contains provisions oddly similar to remarks Mitt Romney has made, such as the "probationary registration of aliens" and "universe of illegals seeking adjustment will be known".

And, I was right in my assumption that its "triggers" for the amnesty would be based on spending and planning and such rather than a reduction in the number of illegal aliens; see the end of this post.

There are two visas involved: the "Y Visa" for a new "guest" worker scheme, and the "Z Visa" for current illegal aliens, giving them legal working permission.

* The Y Visa is further broken down into a "main program" ("In U.S. 2 years, then 6 months at home, 2 renewals") and a "seasonal program" ("9 months in U.S./3 months at home, indefinitely renewable").

* The Z Visa (which I'll call the "legal permanent underclass" visa) is indefinitely renewable, and requires a fine of $2000 at every three-year renewal mark, together with a payment of $1500 for a total of $3500 every three years.

From the U.S. News report:
[U.S. News reporter Angie C. Marek] says the new plan has made a lot of the White House's former allies in the immigrant-advocacy community mighty unhappy. Temporary guest workers in this plan would have a tough time getting any sort of citizenship. Under the visa program outlined by the White House, workers can stay in the United States for two years, at which point they'll have to return home for six months, a process that can be repeated two times.

The fee to gain citizenship for immigrants currently in the country illegally would also jump from a proposed $2,000 to about $10,000.

Tom Snyder, national political director of the union UNITE Here, compared the measure with a "21st-century version of the Bracero program" in a conference call with reporters today. And Laura Reiff, cochair of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, a business group that worked with the White House last year on the guest-worker proposals, called the measure "entirely unworkable."
And, from this:
"For us it's a no go," said Angela Kelley, deputy director of the advocacy group National Immigration Forum...

"President Bush said family values don't stop at the Rio Grande. Evidently they do," said Kevin Appleby, director of Migration and Refugee Policy for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops...

Family unification, said [Teddy Kennedy], "has been an essential aspect of immigration policy since the history of this country" and letting immigrants work their way toward legalization is a framework for previous immigration bills that has received substantial support.

"You don't compromise on the morality of these issues," Kennedy said. "We're not going to."
I guess the people the White House was trying to impress don't want to reciprocate the Bush administration's affection.

UPDATE: More unhappy campers don't reciprocate their affection (seiu.org/media/pressreleases.cfm?pr_id=1384):
"SEIU is alarmed by the White House's proposed immigration reform plan which fails to address any of the key elements needed to pass practical, humane solutions to the current broken system. Taking a major step away from our nation's values and our history as a nation of immigrants, the White House plan would make inequality – rather than opportunity – the centerpiece of our immigration system and deny basic rights to our hardest workers."


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Even the "moderate" Bush plan would quickly turn the US into a crowded Third World country. Any Dem plan will reach that goal much faster. Below is a critique of the Bush plan: http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/007557.html (...) _Also, instead of doubling or tripling legal annual immigration, as S.2611 would have done, this new plan increases legal immigration by 50 percent. While that may sound very "moderate," even stingy, to open borders types, in reality it represents a drastic increase over an already intolerably large immigration inflow. At the current rate of one million immigrants per year, the U.S. population will increase by 40 million immigrants over the next 40 years plus another 80 million due to natural increase, for a total of 420 million in 2050. That is already utterly staggering. Increasing existng immigration by 50 percent to 1.5 million per years will increase the U.S. population to 500 million in the middle of the century. _ (...) >

Somebody should remind SEIU's President, Andy Stern, who has been in on the amnesty plans, that when you lie down with dogs, you often get up with fleas. For some reason Stern seems to think that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and their families will help the average US working man and woman. Amazing that a man who could get into the Ivy League can't understand the law of supply and demand. Alan Greenspan understands it. Recently he suggested that the way to lessen income inequality is to flood the US labor market with skilled and educated cheap foreign labor so that our skilled workers will find their wages futher depressed and closer to our unskilled workers, who are having to compete with cheap foreign unskilled (and often illegal) labor. This idea would only make the middle class poorer and not do much regarding the real inequality problem (huge gains at the top 5-10%) but it is refreshing to hear somebody like Greenspan state what we already know: The whole idea behind massive immigration today is to lower US wages for all but the elite.

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