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Tom Johnson
Washington, DC
General Counsel @FCC. NJ native. Hoya / HLS. Better half: @_katherinebeck. Personal acct; tweets are my own.
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From @TomMJohnsonJr
#TBT to my brother and me trick-or-treating at President Nixon's house at the "Bear's Nest" in Park Ridge, NJ in 19…
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From @BoulderPreston
@TomMJohnsonJr @matthewberryfcc @NixonLibrary @nixonfoundation @dick_nixon Wow, that pic is a keeper!
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From @JBFlint
@BoulderPreston @TomMJohnsonJr @matthewberryfcc @NixonLibrary @nixonfoundation @dick_nixon Wonder where that secret…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If you were a real reporter, you'd wonder about the line btw that pic & TMJ getting his job. It's almost like we have a hereditary, incestuous establishment. MT @JBFlint [wonders where SS agent is now] MT @TomMJohnsonJr [FCC gen. counsel, pic of him w/ Nixon in 1993 in NJ]