Darryl Fears wants Washington Post to junk their comments

Howard "Howie" Kurtz offers the rather pointless "Online, Churls Gone Vile", which I only clicked because Memeorandum was running a link to it next to a pic of the Babe of Brentwood, and couldn't help myself. Anywho, discussing the commenting feature that the Washington Post gives logged-in readers, Kurtz says:

But Post reporter Darryl Fears is among those in the newsroom who believe the comments should be junked if offensive postings can't be filtered out in advance. "If you're an African American and you read about someone being called a porch monkey, that overrides any positive thing that you would read in the comments," he says. "You're starting to see some of the language you see on neo-Nazi sites, and that's not good for The Washington Post or for the subjects in those stories."

I've left a few comments on the WashPost's blogs, but I only appear to have left one on the news side. And, the link to the comments isn't exactly prominent. And, since the WaPo engages in editing, we don't know what was in comments that were deleted and how many were deleted.

Despite that, I think I'm going to go ahead and distrust Fears' judgment in this matter, due to his past habit of misleading about immigration matters. In addition to his name's link above, see:

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I'm guessing that Fears is black [1].

[1] images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=darryl+fears&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2

Why not? the system we live under is about to be junk by our rulers, and after that you can firget any-kind of freedom or justice, just look at the rats in your own government, just look at the pigs in La Raza just look at your own little world and ask what will happen to you when the third world rulers take over the ideals of a free people by using the weapon of mass population, this guy wants to stop the ideals of freedom, end of story or is it?