Ramos/Compean: Darryl Fears, "angry conservatives", and possible distortion

Darryl Fears of the Washington Post offers "Support Swells for Agents Who Shot Drug Smuggler: Conservatives Lead Movement to Free Ex-Border Patrolmen". His report seems to contain errors.

First, it starts like this:

Early this week, the Bush administration urged angry conservatives to remain calm over the convictions of two former Border Patrol agents who shot an unarmed Mexican drug smuggler, but petitions for their release continued to flood the White House.

Later on, he reveals that Sen. Dianne Feinstein "promised to look into the matter", and the American Federation of Government Employees will "speak with one voice" against the convictions. I don't know about the AFGE, but most people wouldn't put Feinstein in the "angry conservative" camp.


After the shooting, the agents collected all shell casings at the scene, threw them away and did not mention the shooting to superiors, a violation of Border Patrol procedures that call for an oral report after a weapon is discharged, according to the report and court records.

As far as I know, supervisors were on the scene or knew about the incident, which seems to indicate that the requirements for an "oral report" had been met. Also, I recall that the complaint from U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton was that a written report hadn't been made, but only supervisors - and thus not Ramos or Compean - can make such reports.


Investigators granted immunity to Aldrete-Davila to lure him back across the border. The story he told was corroborated by other officers at the scene, the report said.

Those statements may contradict the facts of the matter; OAD might have been presented to the U.S. by the Mexican consulate. Note also that a few of the agents on the scene have since been fired.

Then, Fears refers to Rep. Ted Poe (Tex.), Rep. Phil Gingrey (Ga.) and Rep. Walter B. Jones (N.C.) as "[a]ngry congressional Republicans". Were they scowling as well?

I'm hardly an expert on the case, but parts of Fears' report are misleading at best. Please contact the WaPo's ombudsman and suggest they do more research: projects.washingtonpost.com/staff/email/deborah+howell/


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