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Alex Humphrey
Brooklyn, NY
Researcher with @MercyCorps in South Sudan via @Georgetown and the Pacific Northwest.
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.@a_humphrey23: I'll take you thinking "Kung Flu" isn't trivial compared to lack of tests/beds/ventilators/masks/etc/etc out on @MercyCorps. I'll contact their donors & hold Mercy Corps responsible for you. Good luck, Alex.
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From @maggieNYT
.@Yamiche asks Trump about a WH official allegedly calling the virus the “kung flu.” Trump makes her say it again.…
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From @a_humphrey23
@maggieNYT @Yamiche and then her colleague says "switching gears to a larger question" as if @Yamiche 's was a tri…
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From @wendyinneverla6
@maggieNYT @Yamiche He tweeted it this morning because he used it yesterday & @TuckerCarlson gave him props for it…
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From @ShaneHarding
@wendyinneverla6 @maggieNYT @Yamiche @TuckerCarlson If it causes controversy and deflects he will keep doing it. He…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Compared to masks/tests/beds/etc, it's submicroscopic. MT @a_humphrey23 and then her colleague says "switching gears to a larger question" as if @Yamiche 's [question to Trump about others calling #covid19 "Kung Flu"] was a trivial and invalid point
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ShaneHarding: as long as people enable @maggieNYT & @Yamiche "silly" clickbait, they'll keep doing it. Take the gloves off. Demand they really press Trump officials on how many masks by which date, etc. When they don't do that, help me destroy their careers.