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Tech addict. Doting aunt. Alto. Twitter junkie. Sporadic blogger. Perennial dieter. Part-time writer & editor. Consultant. Blog at
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From @Damokieran
We’re growing the Office of Data Protection at Twitter! Come join the flock and help work to ensure the privacy and…
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From @roxannedarling
@Damokieran @mdy I’d like to re-up two popular suggestions for user security: 1) Have a signifier for all TW emplo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@roxannedarling: Twitter lies to millions of ppl around the world by ghosting their replies. Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials. @Damokieran fully supports that: if he didn't he'd do the honorable thing & resign. Please don't enable those who enable Trump etc.