WaPo's Boom Burbs go bust; what happens to the illegal aliens?

Nick Miroff of the Washington Post offers "Immigrants' Jobs Vanish With Housing Slowdown", about the situation in the DC/Maryland/NoVa suburbs area. Seems some illegal aliens can't find jobs in construction and are leaving mostly for other states, but some are even - gasp - returning to the countries of which they're citizens. Note that just over a year ago, the Washington Post promoted illegal activity in order to keep the good times a-rollin' in those "boom burbs". Now, with the slowdown, even they are grappling with the impact of their policies.

Even the local advocates are desperately trying to maintain their grasp on racial power:
Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA of Maryland, said he's concerned that tensions over immigration will spread and intensify if large numbers of idle construction workers are not quickly absorbed by other services and industries. "We've seen workers leaving for other states for jobs in construction or agriculture," he said.

Torres argued for the need for job training programs to help workers make the transition into other sectors, saying he feared that "confrontation will accelerate further" if the slowdown worsens.
Thankfully, sanity is restored with the next paragraph:
"That's one of the dangers of importing lots of workers," said Ira Mehlmen, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which seeks to curb illegal immigration. "After their services are no longer required, you end up with them and with their families. "There isn't much reason for them to return home when services and other benefits are available."


Loved it Lewis Lafontaine. Busg Is Fond of the rule of laws, His Laws of money and mexico, can I ask why are we in Iraq when this so called nation is cutting us all apart for the NAU? What is the point in fighting a war on terror when we have 17,000 per year being killed here? when is the point in fight a war when your own so called government lets 40 million third world people inside this so called country in 20 years? ask how long before we see Bombs going off on our highways and cities? ask how long before camps are setup for you? to keep you from fighting back and would you fight for freedom and the rule of laws?

Appeasement on our Borders

President Bush is fond of saying that he believes in the "Rule of Law" yet he does not secure our borders which is his Constitutional duty. The War in Iraq is justified by telling the American public that our young men are dying in Iraq so the terrorists will not attack American soil with weapons of mass destruction. Despite this grave threat to national security the President and Congress refuse to secure American borders and continue to allow illicit drugs to pour through our borders.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. ~ Winston Churchill

This policy of immigration appeasement ruins the lives of millions of Americans, is expensive to the taxpayer and represents a decline in western civilization. While millions of American families go without health care insurance the illegal immigrant gets free health care, public education and Social Security Benefits. This appeasement is rationalized away by saying

Day laborers stand around on street corners looking for work in the spring and summer as well.

As to the Herndon Day Laborer Center (HDLC), small alternate sites sprang up all over the area after the official one opened. Someone who lives in Herndon and so followed the story closely noted that a lot of the EMPLOYERS did not want to be seen at the HDLC because many of them were not private citizens but contractors who had no licenses and did not file tax forms and so wanted as little paper trail as possible.

Also some of the laborers left the official site and went to the alternate sites if their lottery number was so high that it seemed unlikely to get them a job. According to the Connection Newspaper (11/2/2006) "The site sees an average of 153 workers registering for work each day, with a hiring rate ranging between 22 and 30 percent from May to September of this year, according to figures released by the workers' center." This time frame is prime building months. Looks as if there has been a surplus of construction labor in Northern VA for a while.

It's actually a sign that it's December. The Herndon day labor center opened in December and had slow business through the winter. Since most employers that hire day laborers are home owners it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it slows down in December.

"As for the other guy, standing on a street corner waiting for someone to drive by and hire him is not the most effective way of finding employment."

But it is a pretty good sign that there is a surplus of such labor. And guys standing around street corners, hoping that somebody will hire them, have been fixtures in the DC area for years now.

I have said for years that if there really had been a shortage of US labor and therefore a need for all of those illegal workers in construction then not only would there be no laborers standing around on street corners and at 7-11's hoping to be hired but also construction wages would have been going up, not down. Construction wages actually fell during a building boom! If US construction workers can't prosper during a building boom, when can they prosper?


So when the job market started to slow, an immigrant went back to El Salvador. How about that.

The fact is that he just wasn't very resourceful. Businesses are still hiring workers in that area. If he had invested a little effort, he could have found a job.

As for the other guy, standing on a street corner waiting for someone to drive by and hire him is not the most effective way of finding employment.

An immigrant, alien, anchor baby charge law would fix everything. Imagine the horror if all those who profit from immigration suddenly got stuck with the subsidy taxes & costs that come with immigrants.

They'd change their tune overnight & claim unfair competition from employers of Americans who weren't stuck with "immigrant charge taxes".

"We have Americans willing to do these jobs, we need deportations" will be their new mantra.