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Washington, D.C.
Reporter focusing on energy, politics, the White House + DOE @EENewsUpdates Previously: @mcclatchydc 🚲 + 😼 + 🖼️ person/send me tips at
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Kansas’ Kobach is weighing a Senate bid. National Republicans, inc. @senatemajldr 's @Senate_Fund are ready to stop…
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@lesleyclark @lindsaywise @senatemajldr @Senate_Fund Kobach serves the interests of the #KochNetwork #KochCoup…
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Not exactly. The Kochs are pro-mass immigration (just like Dem leaders). Kobach opposes that. His key issue is heresy for the Kochs. Why didn't you know that? Review where you get your info. MT @Tentoads4truth Kobach serves the interests of the #KochNetwork