Ramos/Compean: who's on the Bush administration's side?

I have a feeling that it won't be too very long before even more truth comes out about the case of the two Border Patrol agents (Ramos/Compean) who strongly appear to have been railroaded by their own government. So, let's take a look at the short, select list of some of those who've supported the Bush administration's side of things:

* Andrew McCarthy at National Review, "The Border-Patrol Two Deserve Jail", January 29, 2007, link

* Ruben Navarrette, "Border Patrol agents step over line and into immigration debate", February 7, 2007, link (note: he's also friends with Rob Allyn, Mexico's paid propagandist)

* the editors of the Wall Street Journal, "Bonkers at the Border", January 26, 2007, link

* David Weigel at Reason Magazine (reason . com/blog/show/118400.html)

* Duke1676 (link) and smokeymonkey (link) at DailyKos

* Patterico (link) he says he's not necessarily coming down on Sutton's side, but it seems quite clear to me

* People for the American Way's Kyle Mantyla, January 31, 2007, "The Law and Order Border Crowd Backs Criminal Agents", link

* Jeralyn Merritt, TChris, and hangers-on at TalkLeft (sample link)

* the Associated Press and their "reporters" Alicia Caldwell and Suzanne Gamboa who offer "Report: Agents in border shooting lied". While not explicit opponents, the headline (which is the one provided by the AP) and the article are highly biased and misleading, for instance by failing to note that supervisors are the only ones who can file written reports in shooting incidents.


Check out the comment Patterico left under this piece.


Seemed a little touchy to me.

Oh don't forget all the Democratic & mainstream Republican Presidential media monger candidates such as Rudy Giuliani, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John McCain, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, Christopher Dodd, Mike Huckabee, Dennis Kucinich, Sam Brownback, and Newt Gingrich none of which has offered their opinion or even been asked their opinion by our lauded "free press"-I call them "the herd of irrelevants", they all apparently don't have an opinion on Ramos & Compean.

Only Tom Tancredo has distinguished himself.

I suppose Hillary will suddenly become interested when she smells blood in the water, she has a pretty steep learning curve.