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Florida USA ,, usually
Corporate Analyst. USMC combatVet - ΜOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #KAG #NoAmnesty #Storm #WALL ... Followed by @LouDobbs @Scaramucci +++
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From @search4rr
RT @kausmickey: It's worse than that! @realdonaldtrump himself is *still* making calls asking GOP members to put amnesty & wall in the omni…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@search4rr: IOW, despite all the posturing @MarkSKrikorian & @kausmickey do, Trump is still pushing amnesty. Doesn't that indicate that everything K & K do - including a CIS employee once working for Trump - has been completely incompetent? Would you hire them to stop amnesty?
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From @NJMike319
RT @DanScavino: Let's get @realDonaldTrump to 5,000,000 on #Facebook! #ChristmasEve #Christmas #Trump2016 https://t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NJMike319 @search4rr: Trump could use smarter arguments that'd undercut Hillary to her base. Ask Scavino why he refuses to make it happen.