Ruben Navarrette Jr. defends his friend, Rob Allyn

I'm not surprised to learn that San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a friend of Rob Allyn, the Dallas PR consultant who's been hired to spread Mexican propaganda in the U.S.

...Mexican President Vicente Fox tapped my friend, Dallas-based political consultant Rob Allyn, to be Mexico's goodwill ambassador... ...Suddenly, the Republican strategist is being inundated with angry and insulting e-mails, calls and nasty comments posted on Web logs. Immigration restrictionists are threatening to picket Allyn's office and asking that "patriots" boycott his firm. One zealot wrote Allyn demanding that the consultant "register as a foreign alien agent" and calling him "disgusting and treasonous."

Obviously, it's not difficult for many to consider him a traitor, even if he doesn't meet the legal definition.

But, as far as the Foreign Agent bit, perhaps Navarrette might want to look at the DOJ's FAQ:

The purpose of FARA [the "Foreign Agents Registration Act"] is to insure that the American public and its law makers know the source of information (propaganda) intended to sway public opinion, policy, and laws. In 1938, the FARA was Congress' response to the large number of German propaganda agents in the pre-WWII U.S... ...An agent of a Foreign principal is any individual or organization which acts at the order, request, or under the direction or control of a foreign principal, or whose activities are directed by a foreign principal who: ... 2. acts in a public relations capacity for a foreign principal...

Obviously, Allyn would seem to be required to register as a FA, if he hasn't already. Anyone who interviews Allyn should ask him his status just so we know who we're listening to. Why do you think Navarrette would downplay that serious question?

See also LULAC criticizes Mexico's pro-illegal immigration propaganda, "New York Times' Simon Romero does Rob Allyn's work for him", and "Mexico agitating international community, Fifth Columnists against U.S."


How could anyone be such a 'zealot' as to ask for anyone paid to represent Mexican government interests to register as a foreign agent, he seems to be asking. As if to say: doesn't everyone just know that laws don't apply to those who try to promote the acceptance of mass illegal immmigration?

It's going to be absolutely hilarious watching Allyn try to create a positive PR image for his client. If he runs a campaign, let's call it "Mexico is Great", then people will logically wonder why so many are scrambling to get the hell out. If he creates a more honest campaign called "Mexico Is Screwed Up and Needs Help" then people will say "and this is our problem because...?"

This is going to get ugly, as well as hilarious too, because Allyn has already played the race card. I guess he didn't get the memo that people react negatively to being called bigots. When you do that, at the very least you lose credibility; you also run the risk of becoming an object of ridicule. See: Jesse Jackson.