Gil Cedillo, Peter Schey, LULAC, MALDEF, more at Migrant March II

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Migrant March II is a caravan driving from San Diego to Brownsville and back in order to push for immigration "reform". Those leading it are Nativo Lopez and Enrique Morones (associated with San Diego's Democratic Party). Also along for the ride is a Mexican official.

The page says it has a report from Morones, and near the middle of the page I laughed and said "WTF?". Let's see why:
Feb 2 California Gracias !!! San Diego, Tijuana and all for a WONDERFUL send off !!! Aztec dancers, Mauricio Farrah and the Mexico Human Rights Commission, people from Mexico, the US and lots of national and international media !!!

Feb 3 (Arizona)

After sleeping in a church in Somerton, we went to Yuma where we were met by 100 local community members and we placed 100 crosses for those that have died in the region the last 2 years alone. They fed us and after fellowship we hit the road to Phoenix.where we were to meet with the National Leadership (MALDEF, Peter Schey [linked to the Mexican government], HERMANDAD MEXICANA, [Rosa Rosales, president of LULAC], Nativo Lopez, Angela Sombrano (of CARECEN]]), Gloria Saucedo, DERECHOS HUMANOS, [Isabel Garcia, also linked to the Mexican government], Senator Gil Cedillo, AFSC, Arnoldo Garcia [of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights], ... etc) of the movement for Latino rights: when we arrived, we were moved to tears as they gave us a rousing standing ovation. After our talk about our mission, (to hear the stories from the migrants themselves on why we need the human immigration reform, to later take to DC) we were again given a rousing standing ovation GRACIAS TODOS!!!
I'm a bit surprised they got so many open borders folks to come out for their little trip, especially Gil Cedillo (who I thought was just a California problem) and the president of LULAC.
In the evening 500 people met us as we camped out and joined Elias Bermudez and other Arizona locals...

Feb 4 (Arizona)

...Isabel Garcia shares two heartbreaking stories of the tragic deaths of two children. Father Carney, Kat Rodriguez, Alexis Mazon and all of us were moved to tears as 12 year old Mathew (the youngest of the caravan group, asked "why we killing all these people" as 200 crosses laid in the middle of our circle.


The unfortunate thing is that we don't get to vote in presidents who cover just immigration issues. Taxes and national security are also on the menu. It's a pity the Democrats are so much a captive of proto-communist ideology, that conservatives end up having to hold our noses and vote for whatever Republican nominee comes down the pike.