Democrat Enrique Morones: "U.S. in no position to advise Mexico"

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Please read this segment of a letter to the editor and try to guess the writer's political affiliation:

The credibility of the Union-Tribune is less than zero when it does everything possible (in two languages) to discredit and slam Mexico every chance it gets. Once the United States stops exporting the demand for drugs (80 percent of the world's illegal drugs consumed by Americans), ruining the environment (35 percent of world environmental damage is caused by the United States and U.S. companies), stops helping to create terror (Bush policies have created more terror cells than ever), stops taking from the world (the United States consumes 30 percent of the world's natural resources) and continues to meddle in the world with a total disregard for human rights and so much more, then and only then can the United States or the Union-Tribune even consider giving advice to other countries... For now, impeach Bush and let's honor world treaties, starting with treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed after the United States Mexico and took half its territory.

Yes, you're right! Enrique Morones is a Democrat, or at least he co-hosts "True Blue Radio", which is "the San Diego County Democratic Party's very own talk radio show".

He also lead protests against the Minuteman Project.

Check out some of the pro-Morones reports to see what type of people the Democrats are involved with.


After all the republican appeasement of Latino demands, look at what appreciation they get: the prioritization of a call for the impeachment of Bush! What brilliant political maneuvers, which could only have arisen from a surefire knowledge of political give and take. Or so they'll tell themselves, until someone mentions that its all take and no give, when it comes to Morones issues.

Progress in one city.

"let's honor world treaties, starting with treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"

What's his specific complaint here?