No More Deaths, Derechos Humanos working with Mexican government

The Arizona "humanitarian" organizations No More Deaths (run by Dr. Robin Hoover) and Derechos Humanos (run by Isabel Garcia) have signed an "agreement of hospitality" with the Mexican government that will let those groups assist potential illegal aliens inside Mexico. They will be providing them with "food, water, footwear and basic medical care", which will serve to encourage many to try to cross the border. And, needless to say, some of those will die trying.

Of course, if they were truly humanitarian they would try to assist those "migrants" to stay in Mexico and not try to cross the extremely dangerous desert.

Those signing for Mexico are "Jesus Lopez Quiroz of Mexico's National Institute of Migration and Enrique Flores Lopez of Sonora's State Commission for the Care of Migrants." Derechos Humanos is also known as "Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras", or the Indigenous Alliance without Borders.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, Isabel Garcia leads Pima County's Legal Defender office (link).

She's a frequent quote source for reporters, so if you see any articles about her group, please send them this background information.