Maricopa County sued over anti-smuggling law; Mexico links

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A potential class action lawsuit has been filed by various groups against Maricopa County, Arizona (home of Phoenix) concerning a state law designed to stop human smuggling. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas have been using that law to arrest and charge illegal aliens with smuggling themselves into the country. Since starting that earlier this year, they've managed 180 convictions (two by jury) out of 360 arrests.

What's interesting here is those on the other side; for instance, one of the lawyers involved has at least three links to the Mexican government. In addition to six Mexican citizens, the plaintiffs include (descriptions from the first link, notes in brackets):

* We Are America/Somos America Coalition of Arizona (has some sort of link to the AZ Democratic Party; whether they're part of the We Are America Alliance is not known.)

* the community organization Friendly House

* state representatives Kyrsten Sinema, Steve Gallardo (1,2) and David Lujan [slightly positive note here; he wanted immigration marchers to carry American flags to supposedly show pride in the U.S.]

* Arizona State University sociology professors Cecilia Menjivar [co-editor of "When States Kill: Latin America, the U.S., and Technologies of Terror"] and LaDawn Haglund [author of "You Can Jail the Resistors, But You Can't Jail the Resistance"]

The lawyers are:

* Phoenix attorneys Dan Ballecer, Antonio Bustamante, and H. Michael Clyde

* Ray Velarde of LULAC in Texas

* Peter A. Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. As discussed at the links, he has at least three links to the Mexican government.

Maricopa County Attorney: Mexico trying to block Arizona law
Peter Schey working with Mexican government (Arpaio posse)


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