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All things urban, from The Atlantic.
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☠️ tanvi ☠️'s avatar
From @Tanvim
Some personal news,,,,,, It’s my last day @CityLab (altho I still have a story or two forthcoming + a last editi…
☠️ tanvi ☠️'s avatar
From @Tanvim
.@CityLab has always been a scrappy operation with people who feel strongly that democracy is a local exercise and…
☠️ tanvi ☠️'s avatar
From @Tanvim
Super grateful to @sommermathis for hiring me for this position when I was a bb journalist, and together with…
☠️ tanvi ☠️'s avatar
From @Tanvim
Love my @CityLab colleagues too much to be able to express how much I am gonna miss them! But they’re all my bffs s…
☠️ tanvi ☠️'s avatar
From @Tanvim
Later this month, I’m starting as an immigration, DHS, and Census reporter at @CQnow which is super exciting! Immig…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Nothing you'll ever blog will be any different from any other hack who pushes the Big Biz line. You were hired *because* of that. In fact, I'll point out to your base how true that is after you start. MT @Tanvim [I'll be an immigration reporter at @CQnow]