Nathaniel Hoffman, Andrew Becker, Contra Costa Times support illegal immigration

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Nathaniel Hoffman and Andrew Becker of the Contra Costa Times offer separate articles that support illegal immigration.

Hoffman offers "Immigration rights advocates contemplate their next steps". From the headline on down it's completely biased towards supporting illegal immigration and foreign citizens marching in our streets. The groups mentioned include: Catholic Charities, Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition, Nativo Lopez of the Mexican American Political Association, Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law (his links to the Mexican government are not disclosed to their readers), the National Immigration Forum, the American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrant Rights Project, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and the Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Committee.

Hoffman offered a similar article in March: "Protest supports illegal workers". The current article includes the following paragraph that ties into the next article:

Flores, who is from Brentwood, said the network of churches she works with has taken one element of the Senate bill -- the DREAM Act -- on as a priority. They are pushing representatives to support the program allowing the children of undocumented families a means of going to college.

As for Andrew Becker, he offers "Illegal status keeps top students from getting aid for college", which is a bit of a PIIPP designed to support the DREAM Act.


La times! has been help the mexican drug dealers for years now so what new? hey guys people who see whats going on understand bush and the one world pigs must collapse the economic system soon so the big boys can start the total dismanlting of all rights and human civil rights so the rats can have one big mexico here and someday all over the world. its really all about the death of the USA.

The main stream media have managed to convince a large fraction of the public that they -- the MSM -- are traitors. This does not sound like a good marketing plan to me, and may account for their declines in stockmarket price and readership.

the contra costa times is as ridiculous as the la times, but check the poll results for the real public sentiment. last tally re: giving in-state college aid to illegal immigrants: 765 (against)/48(in favor)/8(undecided). albeit it far from scientific, the people have spoken! and keep in mind that this is despite the fact that contra costa county is very liberal like the rest of california....the mainstream media would have you believe the american people are split evenly on this issue!