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Pamela Crossley
often Vermont
historian of China, of Central Asia. global history. software author. latest book Hammer and Anvil. advocate for no-kill animal aid.
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From @farhip
"We can't remove all of [the false information] because it will disproportionately affect conservatives." How Trump…
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From @daicing
@farhip @BrendanNyhan @craigtimberg oh, so the more falsehoods you purvey, the better your leverage. this is one of…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@daicing: as a (presumed) liberal, you should oppose totalitarians like @farhip. He's eager to censor anyone who disagrees with Bezos. P.S. Ironically, Twitter censored your reply to him. They call your tweet "LowQuality" (see my pinned tweet).