AP quotes Peter Schey, fails to mention Mexico affiliation

The AP's "Cost to Remove 12M Illegal Immigrants Huge" is a bit more balanced than we've come to expect from the AP. (The author is Martha Mendoza, and that appears to be the AP-supplied title). While they start with the Center for American Progress' "study" that features a hugely-inflated cost to remove 12 million illegal aliens, they follow it with this quote:

"Nobody is seriously proposing that, because that will require a massive infiltration of law enforcement officials and will disrupt the economy," said Sensenbrenner told CBS' "Face the Nation" this week.

And, with this:

Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates limits on immigration, said he does not believe a mass deportation "has ever been seriously suggested. It's the straw man that proponents of amnesty set out there so they can set it on fire."

Unfortunately, they then provide this:

Peter Schey, president and executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Foundation, said it would be "absolutely absurd, impossible" to protect the legal rights of millions of people facing deportation.

The AP seems to have left a major affiliation of Mr. Schey out of that quote. As that link discusses, he's not only collaborating with the government of Mexico on the website vocesunidas.org, he's also been brought in by that government to represent their citizens who were arrested by Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Please write feedback *at* ap.org and suggest they provide a bit more background on those who they quote.


If Joe Arpaio would castrate illegals there would be a traffic jam heading south. The cost would be minimal.

the real cost if we do not remove the 12 to 20 million is our country and our lives.
what do you want life of death?,"at the hands of some third world person" who hates you for what you are.
don't be fooled its life and death of a nation and its people, its a real war that can end only one way, the total death of this way of life, its not nut's its a fact that is coming to your door soon, and reconquista is a real evil that will kill you someday.

Everybody always says the cost of deporting 12 million illegal aliens would be huge. How did these people get here? They paid their way into the U.S., that's how. When they are arrested, why can't they pay their own way right back? That's what they do when they go on vacation back to Mexico in the winter....so why can't we force them to do the same thing when they get busted?