Drum Major Institute immigration study discredits all who support it

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A "progressive" think tank called the Drum Major Institute ("DMI") recently released a study on immigration. In the study, they advocate for open borders, although it appears they don't realize exactly what the effects of their study would be. Under their plan, we wouldn't deport illegal aliens. Rather, we'd just make sure that they worked under the same conditions as legal workers.

Of course, all the millions of illegal aliens who'd come here to take advantage of this would then either: reduce many more jobs to near minimum wage, or they'd end up unemployed and obtaining welfare benefits, or they'd end up working illegally. Or, all three at various stages.

The study is truly something like a five year old would come up with, and perhaps that explains why it's received favorable mentions from other "progressives".

Here's Mother Jones. See my comment, which I believe is fairly good. (nofollowpolicy)

Another is Katrina vanden Heuvel, the New York elitist editor of the far-left Nation:

For those concerned about human rights, it's easy to see why undocumented immigrants in the United States need legal protection.

Hello, Mr. Orwell! Illegal aliens need legal protection over and above that which they already have: being detained, tried, and/or deported humanely? And, those concerned about human rights shouldn't support illegal immigration, since whenever there's illegal immigration, there is automatically a greatly increased chance of abuse. Of course, if illegal immigration stopped vanden Heuvel's domestic staff might have to spend more on lettuce.

But it's still a challenge to make the case for immigrants' rights to working and middle-class Americans, apprehensive that illegal immigrants are taking their jobs and driving down wages.

Those little people, especially the ones out there in the hinterlands...

Polls suggest that voters from low- and middle-income households are more likely to express anti-immigrant attitudes... ...That means mass deportations and attempts to cut off future immigration are out...

Now, I strongly suggest reading the second comment at washingtonmonthly.com/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=8026 from TangoMan. It's a long comment, but he completely eviscerates the DMI's "study". Obviously, the DMI and their supporters have a great deal more thinking to do.


TO LW: I also liked the comment following yours at Mother Jones. If the open borders liars were right about the unpleasant jobs that "Americans won't do" those should have been Mexicans who were trapped in that mine in West Virginia.There may not be many Mexicans in WVA (yet), but there are hundreds of thousands in the nearby states of North Carolina and Virginia-just a short bus or pickup truck ride away.

Why is it so easy for a Canadian to work in the U.S. and so difficult for a Mexican to work in the U.S.?