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Thomas W. Smith Fellow @ManhattanInst. Contributing Editor @CityJournal. Author of The War On Cops and The Diversity Delusion. Media:
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.@HMDatMI: here's a chance to help the USA, not just grift. Get someone with Trump's ear to give him smart anti-illegal #immigration arguments that'd *undercut Dem leaders to their base*. Not just ones that help Breitbart sell ads. When can we count on you to do that? #MAGA
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San Francisco’s Shame: An illegal-alien killer is set free in a mockery of the rule of law.
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.@HMDatMI blogs "San Francisco's Shame" about Steinle case. The dumb, small-tent arguments Heather MacDonald, Breitbart, FoxNews, Trump, etc. etc. make solely for personal reasons played a major role in the verdict. Smart arguments would've changed things. #MAGA #resist