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Steve Caponigri
Volo, IL
Dad, Husband, and self-proclaimed expert. Founder and CEO of Innov8 Learning Solutions
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From @JillDLawrence
By @JoeBiden: Trump is the worst possible leader to deal with a #coronavirus outbreak. He's made us less prepared tโ€ฆ
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From @SteveCaponigri
@JillDLawrence @JoeBiden @USATODAY @usatodayopinion I feel like this could be a mad libs: "Trump is the worst possiโ€ฆ
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.@SteveCaponigri: Biden & @JillDLawrence are right that Trump is ill suited to lead #coronavirus response. How about them? Neither can figure out how to undercut an extemeley vulnerable simpleton to his base. Since they can't do something so simple, is a virus in their reach?