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Deep South
#Husband #Father #Patriot #Veteran 🇺🇸#2ndAmendment #NRA #AntiAbortion #MAGA #AlexJones Trump - “The Chosen One”☝️
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From @LibertarianBlue
Apple decides, with zero oversight, whether your app gets access to 44 percent of American smartphones. Google con…
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From @WayneNeal
@LibertarianBlue @MarkDice Mark Dice Patriot!️
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WayneNeal: on 8/15 I pointed out to you Alex Jones only thinks about himself & it hurts him. Wasn't I right? @LibertarianBlue does the same. He lies about #Twitter censorship - they censor all kinds of users - and that helps Twitter while harming Breitbart & everyone else.
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From @PrisonPlanet
I love how Fox News has used their platform to stand up for conservatives during this censorship purge. Oh wait, n…
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From @WayneNeal
@PrisonPlanet We need more courageous media figures like Alex Jones.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WayneNeal: #AlexJones & @PrisonPlanet aren't "courageous". A courageous stance would be opposing censorship *across the board*. That would have undercut attempts to censor them. Only thinking about themselves hurts them & others.