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Aarti Shahani
Oakland. Queens.
@NPR Silicon Valley correspondent my first book, HERE WE ARE: American Dreams, American Nightmares, out Oct 1.
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"When a politician's tweet breaks the rules ..." • story via @npr's @aarti411: h/t @wnyc
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.@Azi: the @aarti411 blog about Twitter's latest censorship effort isn't as bad as others who've outright cheered censorship. But, she's not exactly holding the line for open debate, is she? If she blogged about Chinese censorship what would she say instead?
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.@aarti411: aren't there minimum IQ standards for #NPR hacks?
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RT @aarti411 Rand Paul, drug war dove, becomes GOP's leading immigration war hawk violating his own commitment to civil liberties// #wow