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Rob Sanderson
Redwood City or Los Angeles CA
(Semantic) Information Architect at The Getty Trust (; all opinions my own. Also: boardgames, roleplaying games. Ex NZ, UK.
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From @azaroth42
As an experiment, I looked at the description of the J Paul Getty Trust in wikidata. 4/11 assertions were wrong (bu…
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From @azaroth42
I corrected the data, but there’s no way to know if someone reverts my corrections. There’s no way to know if someo…
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From @azaroth42
Yet libraries and other cultural heritage organizations are all over it. The only thing I can see as an advantage…
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From @azaroth42
It’s touted as decentralized, with the sleight-of-hand between wikidata (the centralized facebook-of-data) and wiki…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@azaroth42: anything involving @jimmy_wales is bound to be shady, starting with Bomis. He admitted using a core #Wikipedia rule to lie to their visitors. Consider anything you put into or read from #Wikibase in that light.