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Nilesh Khandelwal
Mountain View, CA
Co-founder, NumerX (Acq by @MuleSoft). Consultant. Investor/advisor - @manscaped @RapidFlowTech @fankave @klicklyBrands @dropcar @skylightsaero @concertioInc
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From @natashakorecki
Hello from Chicago! I’ll be joining ⁦@Maddow⁩ in about 15 minutes to talk @politico’s story about the disinformatio…
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From @natashakorecki
Here’s the story we’ll discuss:
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From @inmyhumbleopi
@natashakorecki @MaddowBlog Resolve the issue now before it gets worse, let voters know this is out there. That’s how you fix it.
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From @HiMaui
@natashakorecki Do you have a disinformation Dashboard?
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From @nkhandel
@HiMaui @natashakorecki We can. At @FanKave we can create a "Disinformation Dashboard" in a matter of days for each…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nkhandel: does your "Disinformation Dashboard" factor in attempts by Lil' Honeckers like @natashakorecki to quash dissent, or does it only do things guaranteed not to scare off coverage & funding?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@inmyhumbleopi: many (look up "Total Info Awareness" or John Poindexter) saw 9/11 as a way to achieve a surveillance state. @natashakorecki is paid to help with a similar effort: use "bots" to quash dissent. Real liberals oppose strict authoritarianism & censorship.