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Los Angeles, CA
Cosmopolitan pro-market progressive. Dad. Surfer. Lawyer. Data/Stats, IT, Science, Polisci/Econ Geek. Guerrilla tweeter w/ #TheResistance. Un-#BlockedByTrump
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From @willwilkinson
Can't get enough of the wondrous Dunning-Kruegerocity of folks who roll in to tell you, with a furious string of mi…
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From @Autarkh
@willwilkinson "Dunning-Krugerocity" "Trumpism" has fewer characters.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Autarkh: I started a satire site in 2005 comparing those like @willwilkinson to slavers. I sent the link (in character) to Will & #ReasonMagazine. A couple weeks later, Will blogged the same plan seriously.