Angry about the stimulus bill? Blame *all* your leaders

The stimulus plan is now headed to Barack Obama's desk, and we all know what's probably going to happen: the U.S. is going to spend literally trillions of dollars over the next several years in a massive vote-buying scheme for the Democratic Party. Not only will we get deeper in debt to China, we'll probably end up using stimulus money to buy cement and other raw materials from them as well. We'll also bail out states like California, rewarding bad decisions and encouraging even more of them. And, while there's a chance all that might help the economy, there's the far greater chance that it could cause many more problems than if we hadn't done it.

But, don't worry: it's not too late to start affixing blame. And, it isn't just the Dems and Obama that should be blamed, but also the opposition. The Republican Party never got their talking points in order, the MSM covered the issue but probably not in the depth that they could have, cable TV concentrated on the politics rather than having wonky debates on the details, and bloggers were - for one reason or another - completely inept, with some like Glenn Reynolds and Pajamas Media simply putting on a show rather that doing something effective. My highly effective plan to block the stimulus got zero support from bloggers.

Whatever their reason for just playing games instead of doing something effective, please don't reward failure.


I find one of the major problems is that all of those presumably on the same side spend most of their time ignoring their allies or attacking them. If they could leave their egos behind and joined forces together we would have a much better chance of defeating the traitors to this country.