ACLU, NILC sue Utah over immigration enforcement bill (HB 497, Cecillia Wang)

The American Civil Liberties Union and the National Immigration Law Center today filed a suit against Utah over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law House Bill 497. Utah governor Gary Herbert signed that bill at the same time as he signed their guest workers bill.

Excerpts from an April 21 article in which ACLU attorney Cecillia Wang telegraphed the suit are at [1].

As for what you can do about this:

* Recall that David Koch of the Koch family joined with George Soros to give the ACLU $10 million to fight the Patriot Act. Without Koch's money, the ACLU might not have the resources to get involved in as many immigration lawsuits. Remind the many right wing commentators who are linked to the Kochs of that fact, and perhaps try to shame them into forcefully opposing the ACLU's suit.

* To their credit, the tea parties group in Utah led by David Kirkham did oppose the guest workers bill. However, their signs and banners simply aren't a match for the ACLU's and NILC's smart lawyers. Therefore:

* The most effective thing anyone can do or support in this case is to find a smart, experienced trial lawyer and have him or her "cross-examine" ACLU representatives on video with the intent of completely discrediting them to their supporters. See the question authority page for an action plan, and here are some questions for the ACLU. The goal is to make them toxic, so that they won't get popular support or support from any mainstream figures. If they do get support from mainstream figures (politicians, religious leaders, commentators, etc.), then work to discredit those people too. The ACLU depends on a certain base of mainstream support; cut them off from it. For example, if a religious leader supports the ACLU suit, and you can find or engender that leader engaging in false compassion, use the points on that page to discredit them to their congregation.

ADDED: Here's the press release. Note that another major group involved is the Service Employees International Union, and a smaller group is the Utah Coalition of La Raza. The latter is an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza [2]. One thing you can do is point out that they have "The Race" in their name and highlight their ethnocentrism. However, that has to be done the right way; see the note at the end of the last link.

Another group involved is the Coalition of Utah Progressives, which appears to be as small as you'd think. Their co-founder is Mike Picardi (owns an upholstery business: and a quote source is Peggy Wilson.

They also provide a good opportunity to help discredit those involved. Their mission statement is the highly ironic "To Protect The Unprotected" (

It's highly ironic because the people CUP is attacking include those American workers who are negatively impacted by massive and illegal immigration. Meanwhile, the people CUP seeks to protect (illegal aliens) are a very protected class. And, CUP is siding with the corrupt establishment - including major banks and businesses - against the great majority of Americans.

Make the points on illegal aliens powerless to CUP with the goal of discrediting them *to their potential supporters* and with the goal of making those potential supporters see them as frauds.

[1] From this:

Seeking support from a community forum at Grace Episcopal Church, [Cecillia Wang] said House Bill 497 - which requires law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of a felony and gross misdemeanor - is unconstitutional and would undoubtedly result in racial profiling.

"It creates a dangerous situation for all of us, regardless of race," she said. "It creates a society where police can demand to see your papers."

Since the law stipulates officers look into immigration status of suspects based on reasonable suspicion, Wang said the inevitable result would be racial profiling. If the suspect fails to provide identification, or if police believe the identification is fraudulent, Wang said they could be detained.

"The law is requiring good-intentioned police officers and not-so-good-intentioned police officers to equally go out and profile people based on the way they look," she said.

Wang added she's already filed lawsuits in Arizona in response to a similar bill and was looking for Utahns who have experienced forms of discrimination.

"We need brave people to step forward as plaintiffs," she said. "Speaking out can make a difference."